AR Check - Revolutionary Technology Transforms the Cleaning Industry

The cleaning industry faces numerous challenges that need to be overcome. Martin Cudzilo, a renowned expert with over 25 years of experience in the cleaning industry, specializes in the development of cleaning and quality assurance systems. His goal is to solve the pressing problems of the cleaning sector and to develop innovative solutions. 

Worldwide, cleaning services generate approximately €500 billion in sales, and the importance of a clean environment can hardly be underestimated. The Covid 19 pandemic in particular has brought the cleaning industry into sharper focus. Now more than ever, companies and government institutions need to ensure that their premises and facilities are regularly and thoroughly cleaned to prevent the spread of disease. At the same time, consumers and customers are increasingly aware of issues such as hygiene, health and the environment. 


Visual instructions and automatic detection: Efficient cleaning with AR-Check

The need to address these pressing problems gave rise to the unique idea of Martin Cudzilo and his team: AR-Check. Using a globally patented method, they have the ability to measure and visualize cleaning processes. This innovative technology significantly simplifies and optimizes cleaning processes and makes it possible to detect and correct cleaning errors in real time. 


AR-Check uses the advantages of augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) and combines them in a solution that enables autonomous and automated cleaning. Through AR glasses, the cleaner receives visual instructions in their native language that indicate step-by-step which areas need to be cleaned with which resources and in which order. In the process, the system automatically records material consumption and ensures professional cleaning. 

With AR-Check, the cleaning process itself is supported for the first time, and there is nothing remotely comparable anywhere in the world. The revolutionary advantages of this technology are manifold: it enables more efficient cleaning, detects cleaning errors in real time, and thus sets new standards. 

After successfully completing the prototype phase, AR-Check is currently in product development. The market launch is planned for the end of 2024. In order to achieve these goals, the company has recently launched the 3rd funding round where they are raising €5 million from high net worth individuals. 




High returns and market opportunities: The return potential of AR-Check in the cleaning industry

The application possibilities of AR-Check are manifold and for its use the customer can choose between 3 license models. The users are end customers who have their premises cleaned by their own cleaning staff or cleaning companies as well as cleaning companies that want to automate their cleaning business. 

Our globally granted patents enable the following unique selling points: 

  • Automates and simplifies cleaning  

  • Creates professionals  

  • Instructions in native language  

  • Increases cleaning quality  

  • Detects cleaning errors in real time   

  • Documents seamlessly and in real time  

  • Increases cost efficiency  

  • GDPR compliant 

The financial resources from the current financing round of EUR 5 million will mainly be used for the further development and market launch of AR-Check. The company is aiming for market maturity and is confident that the investments will benefit from high returns. Given the market size and the urgent need for an efficient cleaning solution, there is enormous potential for returns. 


Resource conservation and sustainability: The goals of AR-Check in cleaning practices

However, AR-Check's vision goes beyond the pure cleaning process. The company strives to set new standards and develop a transnational platform through which everything directly and indirectly related to cleaning can be offered and organized. In doing so, it aims to promote fair labor practices and eliminate unfair methods in which minimum wages are circumvented through automation and direct cleaning. AR-Check strives to conserve resources and enable sustainable cleaning practices.

As a deep-tech startup, AR-Check brings together interdisciplinary experts from strategically relevant fields of expertise and science to develop innovative solutions and transform the cleaning industry. The company is committed to thinking "out of the box" and continuously evolving to meet changing needs. 


Market launch of AR-Check 2024: A step towards innovation and improved cleaning standards 

At a time when digitalization is advancing rapidly and groundbreaking technologies are being developed, the future of the cleaning industry is no longer exclusively shaped by traditional cleaning companies. AR-Check strives to be a leader in the field of cleaning technology, first in the B2B segment and later in the B2C sector.  

In conclusion, AR-Check will fundamentally change the cleaning industry with its revolutionary technology. By combining Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence, AR-Check will enable more efficient, safer and fairer cleaning. With the planned launch of AR-Check in 2024, the cleaning industry will take a big step towards innovation and improvement of cleaning standards. 


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