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According to official estimates, the global market for commercial cleaning services will grow by an impressive 6.3 % annually and reach a turnover of USD 520.4 billion by 2030.

Cut-throat competition, tight budgets and a shortage of qualified cleaning staff with high turnover rates characterize this industry and cause a multitude of problems that we all experience on a daily basis.

In order to meet the constantly growing market for cleaning services and the associated challenges, it is not enough to optimize existing processes. It requires a completely new approach and solution that will initiate a revolutionary paradigm shift and change this industry from the ground up.

The up-and-coming technology start-up AR-Check is a pioneer in this field. Based on globally granted patents, we are developing a unique solution that will set a new global standard for the market. We invite you to learn more about our mission and explore the immense profit potential of investing in our tech startup.

Become part of the exclusive group that is revolutionizing the global cleaning industry together with us. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information and individual discussions.

Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality are megatrends and will revolutionize the global cleaning industry. Want to join us?
  • 1 Market size €340 billion USD.  520.4 billion by 2030
  • Venture capital (shareholder)
  • 2 Attractive profit potential
  • 3 Minimum investment 50,000 Euro

According to Grand View Research: Market Analysis Report Cleaning Services (2023

2 Because AR-Check is novel, a reliable estimate of the return is not possible. Based on our development so far, we expect a growth of 10x to 20x for the next 2-3 years.

3 Minimum investment may vary by country and local regulation.

Our globally granted patents enable the following unique selling points:
  • Automates and simplifies cleaning
  • Increases cleaning quality
  • Instructions in native language
  • Detects incorrect cleaning in real time
  • Seamless and real-time documentation
  • Increase cost efficiency
  • Creates jobs and professionals in real time
  • GDPR compliant

Foreign investors are welcome!

Our innovative edge and successful development are increasingly meeting with customer interest and cooperation requests

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Our innovative edge and successful development are increasingly meeting with customer interest and cooperation requests

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Martin Cudzilo
CEO, Founder

My name is Martin Cudzilo. I have been working in the cleaning industry for over 25 years, specializing in the development of cleaning and quality assurance systems. For several years now, we have been researching and developing systems with the goal of digitizing and automating the cleaning industry.

The current economic crisis has negative, partly ruinous effects on many industries and financial investments – worldwide! For the cleaning industry, however, and especially for our deep-tech startup, hardly anything better could happen.

First and foremost, the Corona pandemic, which has resulted in hygienic cleanliness becoming a higher priority in all areas of our society and economy.
This is reflected above all in the increased sales figures in the cleaning industry. Although numerous companies and facilities were closed for extended periods during the Corona lockdown and many people worked from home, the annual turnover for cleaning services increased to 130 billion euros in Europe alone.

We have recently successfully completed the prototype phase and already there are many indications that we will change the cleaning industry in a disruptive way - first commercially and later for end consumers.

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Frequently asked Questions

What Problem are you solving?
Cleaning services are labor, organization and supervision intensive.The traditional way of managing and executing cleaning jobs is inefficient and causes high ancillary costs and quality problems, as we are seeing on a daily basis.
How big is the problem?
The negative effects of inefficient work and use of resources are significant in such a large and important industry as cleaning and hygiene, both for people and nature.
How do you solve the problem?
With AR-Check, we provide cleaning service providers and companies from a wide range of branches and industries with a solution that enables them to organize and control their cleaning requirements digitally and automatically.
Does your invention increase cleaning costs?
No! By digitally and autonomously managing time-, organization- and supervision-intensive tasks, AR-Check reduces costs. This leaves more money for the cleaners.
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