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For our investors, we expect a further increase in their return on investment by a factor of 6 to 10 in the medium term. The minimum investment is EUR/USD 10,000.

Since the foundation of our Deep Tech Start-up, which emerged from our research project, we have successfully completed the prototype phase and impressively demonstrated the feasibility of AR-Check. Next we start the product development and pilot phase , followed by the market launch. Thanks to our still early stage and our high development potential, we are looking forward to a further 6-10-fold growth in the medium term. Subsequently, as we expand globally, we grow exponentially.
This is the beginning of something big and you can be part of it early!

AR-Check uses Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and is based on patents granted worldwide.

Our innovative edge and successful development are increasingly meeting with customer interest and cooperation requests

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Our innovative edge and successful development are increasingly meeting with customer interest and cooperation requests

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Martin Cudzilo
CEO, Founder

My name is Martin Cudzilo. I have been working in the cleaning industry for over 25 years, specializing in the development of cleaning and quality assurance systems. For several years now, we have been researching and developing systems with the goal of digitizing and automating the cleaning industry.

The current economic crisis has negative, partly ruinous effects on many industries and financial investments – worldwide! For the cleaning industry, however, and especially for our deep-tech startup, hardly anything better could happen.

First and foremost, the Corona pandemic, which has resulted in hygienic cleanliness becoming a higher priority in all areas of our society and economy.
This is reflected above all in the increased sales figures in the cleaning industry. Although numerous companies and facilities were closed for extended periods during the Corona lockdown and many people worked from home, the annual turnover for cleaning services increased to nearly 20 billion euros in Germany alone.

We have recently successfully completed the prototype phase and already there are many indications that we will change the cleaning industry in a disruptive way - first commercially and later for end consumers.


As we are still at an early stage of our development, you can participate in our growth as an early investor and expect significant profit potential. We expect a 6 to 10-fold return on investment in the medium term.

Foreign investors are welcome!

Your advantages as an investor:

  • 60 billion euros target market in europe
  • Worldwide patents
  • High return potential

The minimum investment is EUR/USD 10,0001

1 Minimum investment may vary by country and local regulation.

Frequently asked Questions

Doesn't AR-Check make cleaning more expensive?
No! AR-Check even lowers the costs.

In a highly competitive environment, companies usually try to prevail by offering the lowest price. In an industry where 72 to 87 per cent (in Germany) of service costs are personnel costs, this leads to poor payment.Traditional cleaning services have long since reached their limits, to the detriment of cleaning staff and quality. With AR-Check, time- and labour-intensive organisational processes are digitalised and automated, so that costs can be reduced and cleaners can be paid better at the same time. In addition, the hardware becomes better through constant further development and cheaper as the market becomes more saturated.
Is it worth investing in a start-up in times of global economic crisis?
In the following, it becomes clear why AR-Check is a crisis winner.

Since the global economic crisis, investors have become much more critical and selective when choosing startups. While in the past a competent founding team with a good and scalable business idea was sufficient for a needy and large market, investors are now putting additional criteria on the scale that are tough.

- digitization, preferably deep tech (AI, AR, VR, robotics, etc.)
- the business idea should be revolutionary, better disruptive
- solves a global problem
- unrivaled in the market
- patent protected, preferably worldwide

AR-Check meets all of these criteria!
Another reason why AR-Check is a crisis winner is as follows. Since the Corona pandemic, awareness of measurable cleanliness and hygiene has increased significantly and interest in AR-Check is already high.
What qualifies AR-Check to be successful?
Founding team: A good business idea is important, but the key to success lies above all in the people behind it. That's why we place great value on expertise and strategic skills when selecting our employees. Furthermore, we remunerate strategic employees based on targets and success.

Clear market positioning concept: A clear market positioning concept is essential for us. We have a clear vision of what makes our company and our solution unique.

Scalable technology:Technology that is scalable to a wide range of customers is essential for building us into the world's leading technology start-up. We ensure that our technology infrastructure is robust and flexible to enable rapid scaling and adaptation to different target markets.

International expansion strategy: A successful international expansion strategy is important to us in order to become a global market leader. Already in the planning phase, we consider cultural, legal and regulatory differences in each market and adapt our strategy accordingly.

Strong partnerships: Strategic partnerships are an important step in opening up new markets, technologies and customers. It is important to carefully select partnerships that are a good fit for us and that support our goals.

Effective marketing and sales strategies: Global market leadership requires effective marketing and sales strategies to reach target customers and expand the customer base. We tailor our message to the specific needs of the different target markets and are able to use online and offline marketing and distribution channels.

Continuous innovation: Innovation is the key to success. That is why we continuously invest in research and development and are able to react quickly to changes in the industry and target markets.

Broad and worldwide patent portfolio:
Our innovative development continuously generates new patents. This expands our patent family, strengthens our market power and favours the further development and growth of our company.

Customer-centric focus:
A customer-centric approach is important to build a loyal customer base and create a strong brand. We therefore listen to customer feedback and use it to continuously improve our product.

Efficient organisational processes:
Efficient organisational processes are key to scaling our start-up. This includes creating a culture of accountability, clear communication and continuous improvement.
What is our growth and your ROI potential?
The market potential for AR-Check in Germany alone is around 760 million euros in the medium term.
Due to our still young development phase, as an early investor you will benefit from our extraordinarily high growth and return potential. As a result and thanks to our positive development, we expect a further 6 to 10-fold increase in return on investment in the medium term for the benefit of our investors.

Our long-term growth and return potential is significantly higher.
In addition, we expect further exponential growth and a further increase in your return on investment many times over upon exit, which we are aiming for, in particular also through our internationalisation.
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