Frequently asked Questions

The global cleaning services market was estimated at €340 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.6% from 2023 to 2030 (€520 billion).
The cleaning services sector is characterized on the one hand by labor-intensive service provision, which is carried out by employees – often from different cultural backgrounds and with different educational and language skills. This often results in communication difficulties, which have a negative impact on the quality of service provision.

The fluctuation of workers, the complexity of cleaning services, and changing work environments make cleaning even more difficult.Particularly in hospitals, high-quality and proper cleaning must be ensured, as deficiencies here can lead to life-threatening risks for patients.

On the other hand, cleaning companies are trying to face up to cut-throat competition through cost leadership and to survive by reducing personnel costs. Means for it are surface achievement compression (the cleaned surface per time unit is increased), so-called object wages (remuneration agreement for cleaned object, which can be hardly cleaned in assumed target time) and sight cleaning (only visible contamination is cleaned).

As a result, cleaning services are increasingly provided under time pressure, which leads to a heavy workload for the cleaning staff.The consequences of this are a shortage of skilled workers, fluctuations in quality, and a lack of verifiability of the quality of cleaning, which in turn leads to a high level of organizational and administrative effort that requires additional capacity and results in additional costs – to the detriment of the cleaners and the end customers.

Current business models and IT solutions neglect the different skills and abilities of the cleaners in terms of their physical and mental characteristics, which are elementary for a high quality, verifiable and humane cleaning service.AR-Check solves this global and costly problem through disruptive process redesign and automation.
The business model is based on the provision of a tailor-made software solution in combination with individual license models and integrated hardware provision. Our aim is to offer our customers a comprehensive solution that not only meets their specific requirements, but also enables flexibility and scalability. Flexible license models are a key aspect of our business model. Instead of offering a one-size-fits-all license, we adapt our licensing structure to the needs of each customer. This allows them to pay only for the features and scope they actually need. To ensure seamless integration of our software into our customers' business processes, we offer not only software solutions, but also the necessary hardware. Our services also include consulting and customization services to ensure that the software is used optimally and integrates smoothly into the existing infrastructure. We also offer training to ensure that users can use our software effectively. Long-term partnerships are at the heart of our business model. Through service contracts, we offer regular maintenance, updates and technical support to ensure that our customers can always benefit from the latest solutions. Our solution is characterized by scalability and flexibility. Customers have the option of expanding or adapting their software solutions and hardware capacities as required. This gives them the freedom to adapt to changes in their business requirements. Overall, our business model allows customers to focus on their core business activities while benefiting from highly specialized software solutions and associated hardware.
We develop AR-Check for commercial end customers, regardless of whether they have their cleaning carried out by external service providers, their own cleaning staff or by cleaners who arrange their services via our platform.

Our customers are, for example, operators of hospitals, hotel chains, kindergartens, retirement homes, office buildings, airports, commercial and public buildings, etc.

In the long term, AR-Check will organize and process cleaning jobs automatically, without having to resort to intermediaries.
No! AR-Check will actually reduce costs.

In a highly competitive environment, companies usually try to succeed by offering the lowest price. In an industry where 72 to 87 percent (in Germany) of service costs are personnel costs, this results in low pay.

Traditional cleaning services have long since reached their limits, to the detriment of cleaning staff and quality.

With AR-Check, time- and labor-intensive organizational processes are digitized and automated, reducing costs and enabling cleaners to be paid more. In addition, the hardware is getting better with ongoing development and cheaper with increasing market saturation.
There is nothing like AR-Check.
We often hear from interested investors that they want to get a second opinion from cleaning companies to find out whether AR-Check has a chance of success and is worth investing in.
A prominent example from the automotive industry aptly illustrates why cleaning companies and industry experts certainly misjudge the potential of AR-Check.

When Elon Musk took over the startup Tesla Motors Inc., he asked investors for money. Due to a lack of expertise, most investors at the time inquired with car manufactureres about Tesla’s chances for success.
All of the leading automakers were hostile to Elon Musk’s plans to revolutionize the automotive market with electric cars, and some even made fun of it – all experts!

A momentous misjudgment by countless experts meant that most investors did not invest in Tesla´s early beginnings.
Some automakers took over 100 years to become market leaders, and Tesla is more valuable after just a few years than VW, Daimler, BMW, GM, Ford, Renault, Peugeot, Fiat, Hyundai, Honda and Nissan combined.
Tesla is successful because Tesla is not an car manufacturer, but a software company that builds cars, just like AR-Check is not a cleaning company, but a software company that develops a system that will autonomously organize and control cleaning jobs!
In the following, it becomes clear why AR-Check is a crisis winner.

Since the global economic crisis, investors have become much more critical and selective when choosing startups. While in the past a competent founding team with a good and scalable business idea was sufficient for a needy and large market, investors are now putting additional criteria on the scale that are tough.

- digitization, preferably deep tech (AI, AR, VR, robotics, etc.)
- the business idea should be revolutionary, better disruptive
- solves a global problem
- unrivaled in the market
- patent protected, preferably worldwide

In recent years, institutional investors have mushroomed, competing for the few raisins. And because startups with the selection criteria relevant for success are very rare, the few “high potentials” are now particularly sought after.
AR-Check meets all of these criteria.

Another reason why AR-Check is a crisis winner is as follows.
Since the Corona pandemic, awareness of measurable cleanliness and hygiene has increased significantly and interest in AR-Check is already high.
A good business idea is important, but the key to success lies above all in the people behind it.
That’s why we attach great importance to specialist knowledge and strategic skills when selecting our employees. In addition, we compensate strategic employees based on goals and success.

Due to the complexity of the framework conditions, AR-Check also consistently relies on the establishment and maintenance of strategic partnerships in the areas of research and development, but also in the areas of contract, labor and patent law from the very beginning. The strategic partnerships are complemented by a dedicated selection of initial pilot customers.
We attach great importance to strategic planning and a safe approach. Accordingly, we take measures to promote successful corporate development, including the use of external experts, auditing and consulting firms, and patent attorneys, with the aim of ensuring our long-term development, competitive and performance capabilities.
Thanks to our still young development phase, there is attractive profit potential and exit participation for early investors.
Our exit will probably be via an IPO or a sale to a (strategic) major investor, in the course of which you can realize profit withdrawals.
Contact us and in case of a positive evaluation we will sign an investment contract by which you will become a shareholder.