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In times of rapidly advancing digitalization and development of groundbreaking technologies, the future of the cleaning industry will no longer be determined by traditional cleaning companies in the foreseeable future.
The future of the cleaning industry is a deep-tech startup that brings together interdisciplinary experts from strategically relevant fields of expertise and science, thinks “out of the box” and disrupts itself through constant further development and transformation.

The path is to develop highly efficient solutions that support users and inspire customers.
In short: AR Check

AR-Check GmbH & Co. KG is a deep-tech startup with a focus on software development, specializing in the development of highly efficient systems for the digitalization and automation of cleaning services and related tasks and processes.

Deep-tech startups focus on the technology itself. Their products are mostly developed for the B2B sector, i.e. they are not aimed at traditional end consumers, but at commercial customers. In addition, the degree of innovation of the developments is particularly high. Deep tech is often understood as a school of thought that deals with the digitization of all areas of life.

One focus is the Internet of Things (IoT), in which a wide variety of devices are networked with one another, requiring technological innovations on both the software and hardware sides. Also frequently encountered is the phrase Deep Tech in conjunction with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and Web3.

In view of the wide-ranging use of deep tech and the generally rapid pace of technological development, it can be assumed that much of what today still appears to be particularly complex, i.e. “deep”, will soon be regarded as commonplace.

Our cleaning assistant of the same name, AR-Check, is part of a super app and internet platform that uses augmented reality and local-based service technology, in combination with machine learning, to autonomously organize and control cleaning jobs and cleaners, and to force professional cleaning execution.

Via the AR-Check platform, qualified cleaners are placed and using technical support measures and motivation mechanisms to promote efficient cleaning. Wearables are used as hardware, especially AR glasses from various manufacturers, as well as gloves and cleaning devices equipped with sensors.
In addition, our globally patented technologies enable new value creation that was previously unthinkable.


Cleanliness and hygiene are elementary components of our daily lives and a prerequisite for a functioning economy – poor and inefficient cleaning is the reality!
The current organization and implementation of cleaning services is time-consuming and error-prone, and their performance and quality often give rise to criticism. In addition, there is enormous price and cut-throat competition among cleaning service providers, to the detriment of cleaners and end customers and at the expense of quality.

Good cleaners are hard to find and often leave quickly after extensive training. Inadequately trained staff are overworked and work inefficiently. This leads to improper cleaning and damage to the property and inventory – a vicious circle!
AR-Check solves this global and costly problem by disruptively redesigning processes.

Recipients of cleaning services simply want to have it clean without having to deal with the cleaning. The service should also be transparent, traceable and cost-efficient.
After the customer registers on the AR-Check platform and stores some property data as well as quality- and cleaning-related information, AR-Check determines the cleaning needs, the optimal service package, the effort and the price.
AI and intelligent algorithms ensure customer-friendly preparation and support the cleaner in professional execution.

After order confirmation, one or more AR-Check-equipped cleaners appear at the customer’s premises, as needed, and carry out the cleaning. Using machine learning, AR-Check learns during the cleaning process and optimizes it each time.
The customer can track the progress, change, reduce or add services and evaluate them via their AR glasses, smartphone, tablet or PC – in real time.
AR-Check is a license model for which the customer pays monthly per cleaner and service package.

Our goal is to enable every customer to have a suitable all-round carefree package for taking care of their cleaning needs, easy to book, transparent, comprehensible and at an unbeatable price-performance ratio!

What Google is for search engines, Amazon for e-commerce and Tesla for electric cars, AR-Check will be for cleanliness and hygiene, taking into account economic, social and ecological aspects.

In the cleaning services sector, sales have been growing for years and have risen to almost 20 billion since the outbreak of the corona pandemic in Germany alone. In addition, around 320,000 employees in the in-house cleaning sector generate the equivalent of around 9.2 billion euros.

Our target market generates annual sales of around 60 billion euros across Europe and around 400 billion euros worldwide – in commercial cleaning alone.
Cleaning services are ubiquitous and the cleaning market correspondingly large.

We develop AR-Check for commercial end-users, regardless of whether they have their cleaning done by external service providers, their own cleaning staff or by cleaners who arrange their services through our platform.

Our customers are all those who have cleaning needs, e.g. operators of hospitals, hotel chains, schools, retirement homes, office buildings, airports, commercial and public buildings, etc.
In the long term, AR-Check will organize and handle cleaning jobs automatically, without the need for intermediaries.

AR-Check will actually reduce costs!

In a highly competitive environment, companies usually try to succeed by offering the lowest price. In an industry where 72 to 87 percent (in Germany) of service costs are personnel costs, this results in low pay.
Traditional cleaning services have long since reached their limits, to the detriment of cleaning staff and quality.
With AR-Check, time- and labor-intensive organizational processes are digitized and automated, reducing costs and enabling cleaners to be paid more.

In addition, the hardware is getting better and cheaper as development continues and the market becomes more saturated.

Many cleaners are dissatisfied with the traditional way of working! Driven by competition, cleaners are often under time pressure and stress. Even when they give their best, they are predominantly confronted with critical feedback. The minimum wage that applies in the cleaning trade is often circumvented by area performance, which further increases the stress.

AR-Check solves these problems, pushes fair working conditions and raises cleaning to a professional level through digitalization and increased efficiency.Cleaners are an essential part of the cleaning execution, which is why their needs and skills are incorporated into the development.

Common cleaning software programs run on smartphones and tablets.
To operate these devices, cleaners must interrupt cleaning and are distracted, not to mention their complexity and limited utility.

AR glasses and, more importantly, our patented process enable hands-free operation for the first time, with the required information superimposed on the field of view, making distraction-free cleaning possible for the first time. 
Due to the immersive display of the successive work steps, AR-Check enables intuitive work.

AR glasses are developed for industry and soldiers, among others, where they are exposed to strong vibrations and must function under the harshest conditions.
The manufacturers are developing AR glasses for different areas of use, accordingly also for daily use in cleaning.

The cleaner is and will remain an indispensable frontline worker for a long time to come. That’s why AR-Check simplifies the execution of cleaning and enables people with little expertise and limited IT knowledge to clean professionally.

In this way, AR-Check not only safeguards existing jobs, but also creates additional jobs and, incidentally, solves one of the industry’s major problems, the shortage of skilled workers.
By simplifying work processes, AR-Check also promotes inclusion and integration.

Only the consistent and continuous consideration of data protection within each individual phase of the software lifecycle guarantees its seamless implementation. Thus, the requirements of data protection flowed or are flowing into the data and process model and thus into the product development of ‘AR-Check’ already at the beginning of the analysis and conception phase.

In order to meet data protection and labor law requirements, we develop AR-Check according to the principle of “Privacy by Design”, in collaboration with experts from the scientific and specialist fields required for this purpose.

We often hear from interested investors that they want to get a second opinion from expert cleaning companies to find out whether AR-Check has a chance of success and is worth investing in.
The following prominent example from the automotive industry can be aptly applied to the cleaning industry and illustrates why cleaning companies and industry experts will most likely answer your questions about AR-Check incorrectly.

When Elon Musk, now the richest person in the world, founded his startup Tesla Motors Inc. in 2003, he solicited money from investors.
Due to a lack of expertise, most investors inquired with manufacturers whether Tesla had a chance of success.
All the well-known car manufacturers were hostile to Elon Musk’s plans to revolutionize the car market with electric cars, and in some cases made fun of them – all of them experts!
A serious mistake, which is why most investors did not invest at the time.
Some car manufacturers have taken over 100 years to become market leaders, and Tesla is already more valuable after just a few years than VW, Daimler, BMW, GM, Ford, Renault, Peugeot, Fiat, Hyundai, Honda and Nissan combined.

Tesla is successful because Tesla is not a car manufacturer, but a software company that manufacturers cars, just as AR-Check is not a cleaning company, but a software company that digitizes the cleaning industry!

Another reason why you can’t get a realistic assessment of AR-Check from outsiders is a lack of information. In order to secure our competitive edge, some processes and procedures that are relevant for success and cannot be protected by patent law are subject to our strict secrecy.

In the following, it becomes clear why AR-Check is a crisis winner.

Since the global economic crisis, investors have become much more critical and selective when choosing startups. While in the past a competent founding team with a good and scalable business idea was sufficient for a needy and large market, investors are now putting additional criteria on the scale that include.

  • Digitization, preferably deep tech (AI, AR, VR, robotics, etc.).
  • The business idea should be revolutionary, better disruptive.
  • Solves a global problem
  • Unrivaled in the market
  • Patent-protected, preferably worldwide

In recent years, institutional investors have mushroomed, competing for the few raisins. And because startups with the selection criteria relevant for success are even rarer, the few “high potentials” are now particularly sought after. AR-Check meets all of the above criteria.

Following is another reason why AR-Check is a crisis winner.
Since the Corona pandemic, awareness of cleanliness and hygiene has increased significantly and the need for efficient solutions is greater than ever.

A good business idea is certainly important, but the key to success lies above all in the people behind it.
That’s why we attach great importance to specialist knowledge and strategic skills when selecting our employees. In addition, we remunerate strategic employees based on targets and success.

Due to the complexity of the framework conditions, AR-Check also consistently builds on the establishment and maintenance of strategic partnerships in the areas of research and development, but also in the areas of contract, labor and patent law from the very beginning. The strategic partnerships are completed by a dedicated selection of first pilot customers.

We attach great importance to strategic planning and safe approach. Accordingly, we take measures for the purpose of promoting successful corporate development, including the use of external experts, auditing and consulting firms, and patent attorneys, with the aim of ensuring our long-term development, competitive and performance capabilities.

Due to our still early development phase, we have an extraordinarily high growth and return potential and, thanks to our positive development, expect a return on investment of 600% – 1000% for your investment in the medium term.

At exit, which we are aiming for, we expect a further increase of your return on investment, especially through the internationalization of AR-Check. The medium-term market potential for AR-Check is around €760 million in Germany alone. The long-term growth and return potential is many times higher.

Our exit plan includes an IPO, probably in the US, which we are working towards and through which we want to raise capital for the further development and internationalization of AR-Check.
Upon exit, you can realize your profits.

Between 2025 and 2026

Contact us so that we can get to know each other and discuss common interests, and in case of a positive evaluation, we will sign a participation agreement that will make you a shareholder of our startup.

We look forward to getting to know you!


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