Frequently asked Questions

We are a deep-tech startup focused on research and development in the field of digitalization and automation of cleaning and related tasks and processes.
In times of rapidly advancing digitalization and development of groundbreaking technologies, the future of the cleaning industry will no longer be determined by traditional cleaning companies in the foreseeable future.

The future of the cleaning industry is a deep-tech startup that unites interdisciplinary experts from strategically relevant fields of expertise and science, thinks "out of the box" and disrupts itself through ongoing development and transformation.

The path is to develop highly efficient solutions that support users and inspire customers. In short: AR-Check
What is Deep-Tech?
Deep-tech startups focus on the technology itself. Their products are mostly developed for the B2B sector, i.e. they are not aimed at end consumers, but at commercial customers. In addition, the level of innovation in the developments is particularly high. Deep Tech is often understood as a think tank that deals with the digitization of all areas of life.

One focus is the Internet of Things (IoT), in which a wide variety of devices are networked with one another, requiring technological innovations on both the software and hardware sides. Also frequently encountered is the phrase Deep Tech in conjunction with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and Web3.

In view of the wide-ranging use of deep tech and the generally rapid pace of technological development, it can be assumed that much of what today still appears to be particularly complex, i.e. "deep", will soon be considered as commonplace.
What is AR-Check?
Our cleaning assistant of the same name, AR-Check, is part of a super app and Internet platform that uses augmented reality and local-based service technology in combination with machine learning to independently organize and control cleaning jobs and cleaners, and to force professional cleaning execution.

Via the AR-Check platform, AR-Check certified cleaners are placed and efficient cleaning is enforced using technical support systems and motivation mechanisms. As hardware, manufacturer-independent wearables are used, especially AR glasses, as well as gloves and cleaning devices equipped with sensors.

In addition, our globally patented technologies enable new value creations that were previously unthinkable.
Many cleaners are dissatisfied with the traditional way of working!

Driven by competition, cleaners are often under time pressure and stress. Even when they do their best, they are often faced with critical feedback. The minimum wage that applies in the cleaning trade is often circumvented by area performance, which further increases stress.

AR-Check reduces the problems caused by traditional ways of working, promotes fair working conditions and raises cleaning to a professional level through digitalization and increased efficiency. Cleaners are an essential part of cleaning execution, so their needs and skills are incorporated into the development.
Cleaning software programs have traditionally been run on smartphones and tablets.
To operate these devices, cleaners must interrupt cleaning and are distracted, not to mention their complexity and limited utility.

AR glasses and, more importantly, our patented process enable hands-free work for the first time, with the required information is displayed in the field of view, allowing distraction-free cleaning.

Due to the immersive display of the successive work steps, AR-Check enables intuitive work.
AR glasses are being developed for use in various industries and even by armed forces to equip soldiers, where they must function in extreme conditions.

Manufacturers develop AR glasses for various applications, accordingly suitable for daily use in cleaning.
The opposite is the case!

Due to the complexity of cleaning processes, the cleaner will remain indispensable for a long time. Therefore, AR-Check directly supports the cleaner, simplifies the execution of changing and complex processes and enables people with little expertise and limited IT knowledge to clean professionally.

In this way, AR-Check not only secures existing jobs, but also creates additional ones and, quite incidentally, solves one of the industry’s major problems, the shortage of skilled workers and now also of staff as such.
By simplifying work processes, AR-Check also promotes inclusion and integration.
Only the consistent and continuous consideration of data protection and labor law requirements within each individual phase of the software lifecycle guarantees their seamless implementation. Thus, the requirements of data protection flowed and flows into the data and process model and thus into the product development of AR-Check already at the beginning of the analysis and conception phase.

To meet these requirements, we develop AR-Check according to the principle of “Privacy by Design”, in collaboration with experts from the relevant scientific and specialist fields.