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1Who I am.

My name is Martin Cudzilo and I have worked in the cleaning industry for many years.
But in 2004 I had decided to go on my own. I formed and started my own commercial cleaning company in Frankfurt Germany, that I still run and operate. In running a commercial cleaning company, I have run across many challenges and short comings that desperately needed improvements and change. We simply cannot continue to do things the same old way and expect to have better results.

The commercial cleaning industry employs a very large number of people worldwide. This work is typically done thru manual labour and therefore allows for a vast amount of errors to occur.
In order to minimise these errors and improve the quality of cleaning, additional staff and organizational efforts would be required. This would be time consuming and cause high additional costs that no one wants to accrue and pay for. Despite all this additional effort the quality still varies for it has no checks and balances.
This industry desperately cries out for a new system that can bring improvements and standardization that can manage all aspects of the cleaning process. The payoff is quality results for manageable costs.

In 2006, I decided to tackle and solve this burdensome and expensive problem. To achieve this goal, I created and patented AR-CHECK. AR-CHECK is a wearable system based on an augmented reality technology in combination with smart glasses and sensors.

2What is AR-Check?

AR-Check is a digital system based on augmented reality technology in combination with smart glasses, created to ensure an all-time high quality and independent cleaning, while simultaneous reducing the associated organizational efforts and costs.

3What advantage is offered by AR-Check?

Its core function, which is state of the art and protected by international patents, enables AR-Check to transform completely unskilled staff forthwith in to experts, as if they have experienced an intensive training and collected a high cleaning expertise over years.
AR-Check ensures that untrained staff become trained staff, what previously was impossible to employ. The staff will be ready on their first working day, clean even complex facilities with complicated requirements, seamlessly and in high quality – without any training, without any language skills and without any additional personal assistance!

Furthermore, AR-Check manages all related processes, bureaucratic and personnel tasks.

4How does AR-Check work?

Through the smart glasses the cleaner sees at any given time which tasks are to be executed as well as when, where and in what sequence this is to take place.
The surfaces (floor, furniture, furnishing accessories, windows etc.) areas to be cleaned are shown in a red color overlay, completed work is displayed in a green color overlay.
The color changes, emerged simultaneously to the cleaning progress and is visible to others, as well as to the internet connected software which guides the worker and tracks each of his performed moves and forces the correct cleaning process.
In addition, information on the correct execution of the task, the cleaning materials required, working steps and other helpful information is shown in the cleaner’s field of view.
The cleaner’s hands are free to work at all times. The smart glasses work using sensors which are integrated or connected to the cleaning tools (vacuum cleaner, cleaning mop etc.) or in the cleaning gloves (used for cleaning using rags, brushes, sponges etc.).
When carrying out the cleaning task, the sensors not only register whether the cleaning tool is touching the surface to be cleaned and whether it is switched on (e.g. vacuum cleaner), but also whether the contact pressure (threshold level) necessary for effective cleaning is applied.

Also, AR-CHECK detects whether the worker is using the correct cleaning materials.
Example: For reasons of convenience, some cleaners for instance take cleaning rags which happen to be handy but are scheduled for the restroom and use them to clean the kitchen or office. AR-CHECK would recognize this kind of error right away and prevent it immediately and effectively. This process helps in the prevention of cross-contaminations. Only when a cleaning task is carried out correctly does AR-CHECK record the cleaning as completed and show a color change within the field of view of the cleaner (e.g. from red to green).

Each work step executed or not executed, including any omissions and or mistakes are recognized and recorded by the device, which triggers a process directly aimed at resuming and maintaining the prescribed working mode. All processes are highly efficient and take place in real time.
Beyond that the patented core function enables AR-Check to carry out tasks, which are very effective but previously unaffordable or impossible.

5What is the market potential of AR-Check?

The organisational and associated personnel efforts, which are needed to ensure the execution of loyalty and high quality cleaning, are problematic and cause high additional costs. AR-Check solves this problem!

Its unique and highly efficient functionality makes AR-Check a disruptive game changer in the commercial cleaning business which will become necessarily indispensable, wherever cleaning in high quality with less effort and for a lower cost is required or mandatory. This means worldwide!

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Whether commercial or private - the future of cleanliness and hygiene is digital, platform-based and globally scalable.

This market generates an annual turnover in the three-digit billion range (USD).

AR-Check and its revolutionary functionality, patented in 50 strategically important countries, has numerous USP's with disruptive effects - worldwide.

As part of our current seed phase, we are giving some investors the opportunity to participate in AR-Check.

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