Don't miss your chance to invest in a start-up with a huge return potential.

The advantages of AR-Check:
  • Enormous growth potential.
  • Solves huge and costly problems in the cleaning industry.
  • Numerous and in some cases disruptive USP’s
  • Scalable.
  • Patented in over 50 strategic relevant countries.
  • Multi-billion dollar market.
  • Well-known companies expressed intention in using AR-Check – worldwide.

AR-Check saves much of the administrative costs

Costs in cleaning industry

35 % for support, ancillary, assistance and quality control processes

~ 2 % savings through conventional process optimization

~ 25 % savings for end customers by disruptive process re-design with AR-Check

~ 15 % savings for building cleaning companies

From the market entry, the number of users grows exponentially

Sales and continuous development

Number of licensee at cleaning companies

Number of licensee at end customers

In the case of end customers AND building-cleaning companies, in 2026 almost 30% of the cleaning staff in Germany are already equipped with AR-Check

The exponential rise in sales growth for both building cleaning companies and end customers* leads to 198.000 users in Germany alone** of the total of 718.000 cleaning staff in 2026
Number of branches/ locations at end customers*

Of the total number of sites in Germany, the largest are initially addressed

Number of cleaning personnel at end customers

The largest sites are directly associated with the largest number of cleaners

Office Buildings





Cleaning Companies

*  The end customer can equip both their own cleaning staff, as well as the service provider with AR-Check
** Internationalization is planned for 2024 at the latest; But the forecast relates exclusively to Germany

With the internationalization latest by 2024, the branches of the worldwide hotel and restaurant chains etc. can be served immediately

Due to the fact that the same equipment is available all over the world. In McDonald's Restaurants and Accor Hotels, AR-Check functions directly with numerous international locations, witch means a very high expansion potential

Existing locations worldwide = potential for expansion

Existing locations in Germany

I´m interested in investing and receiving further information.